iOS 14 widgets

In information technology, a widget is a program or an app whose role is to display information in a graphical interface. This could be, for example, a text, an image, a frame, or a button. An iPhone widget is an app extension, often integrated into an app already installed on your iOS phone. You can customize your widgets and place them on your home screen so that you can quickly open the apps of your choice. An example of a widget is the calendar widget. This widget provides a quick overview of upcoming calendar items, without having to open the calendar app. To change the look of your widgets apps on iOS, we recommend that you download the best app around Aesthetic Kit, only available on iOS.

The widgets, the novelty of the iOS 14 Apple update

The arrival of real widgets on the iPhone home screen is arguably one of the biggest changes in iOS 14 by Apple. If they were once relegated to the left page from the lock screen, and only accessible after deploying the action center from the main iPhone page, they are now an integral part of the home screen.

IOS 14 widgets apps come in three sizes with varying degrees of information. Widgets can be placed anywhere on your Apple home screen, and most importantly, can be stacked on top of each other to save space. Here is everything you need to know, to use iOS 14 widgets apps properly.

There is a whole series of widgets that you can use to enhance or personalize your iPhone iOS 14. And since Apple launched its update to version 14, more than 13.7 million downloads have been registered within the first seven days of release.

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How to add widgets on iOS 14 by Apple?

There are three ways to install a widget. You can go through their dedicated page, keep your finger on the one you want, then slide it onto the home screen. That's a good method, but the widgets page doesn't show them all.

The second way is to launch the Change home screen option when you hold down the icon of an app with your finger. A "+" appears at the top left of the screen and displays a modal window: this is the one that interests us since it offers all the available widgets.

The third approach is a variation of the previous one: a long tap on an empty spot on the home screen, or even on the space between two icons, to switch to add mode.

Widgets generally come in three sizes: small (equivalent to a square of 4 icons), a line (4 x 2 icons), or a large pad (4 x 4 icons). Once added to the home screen, the widget can be repositioned wherever desired, in the same way as the icons.

Are you looking for a solution to customize your application widgets on iOS? Choose the best tool, among the many apps available on the Apple Store: Aesthetic Kit.

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How to customize widgets on Apple iOS 14 with Aesthetic Kit

We invite you to discover the Aesthetic Kit app, an application dedicated to personalizing your iPhone home screen. With this free Aesthetic Kit app available on the Apple Store, it is possible to modify the appearance of a list of various widgets:

  • The battery widget of your iPhone
  • The calendar widget
  • The clock widget
  • The time widget
  • The date widget
  • The citation widget
  • The weather widget, etc.

If you want, you can also add a plain widget. What is the plain widget? This is an aesthetic-only icon, bringing a little extra sophisticated detail to your home screen.

The time widget
The weather widget

Dozens of different themes are available in the Aesthetic Kit app: minimalist, flowery, high-tech, black and white, colorful, pastel, vegetal, cartoony, pixel art, and many more. To personalize your home screen, choose the design that matches your mood of the day, or your personality. On the Aesthetic Kit app, you will find everything you need to personalize your home screen: many widget designs, but also wallpapers, and application icons. Aesthetic Kit offers you to choose a complete pack or to design your theme. Save your different creations in the app!

Among the different tools, Aesthetic Kit is the best app to change the look of your widgets, but also your app icons and wallpapers. We offer you a very easy-to-use and intuitive tool for all iPhone users. Aesthetic Kit also offers an overview of your home screen before downloading and installing its various elements. Moreover, our app is free! So download it now.

If you are wondering how to make widgets on iOS 14, be aware that Aesthetic Kit is not a development app. Tools exist and allow budding developers to design their widgets.