iOS 14 app icons

Since iOS 14 and the arrival of widgets on the iPhone home screen, the latest hot trend is to deeply personalize the system. For this, iPhone users add widgets and modify all the app icons on iOS 14 with a common theme. This last step hijacks a function of the Shortcuts app and offers an impressive result, but the process is rather long to set up and requires systematically opening Shortcuts before the desired app. We offer you to fully customize your iOS 14 interface with a practical and very easy-to-use application: Aesthetic Kit. Edit your app icons iOS 14 and enjoy a personalized iPhone!

How to change app icons on iPhone iOS 14 with the ShortCuts app

The native Shortcuts app allows iPhone users to change the look of their interface. Since the release of iOS 14 and the new features offered, people are using it to give their applications and iOS theme a makeover. Here are the step-by-step steps to customize your app icons iOS 14:

  • Open the Shortcuts application
  • Tap "+" then on "add an action"
  • Select Scripts
  • In the Apps category, click on "open app"
  • Choose the application to customize
  • Click on "next" then rename the application
  • Press "..." at the created shortcut
  • Click on "..." again then select "on the home screen"
  • Click on the icon appearing under the name and home screen icon
  • Select "choose a photo" then press "add"

Once you have completed these steps, your custom app icons iOS 14 will appear on your home page. This process is particularly long. You have no time to waste and are looking for a quick solution to modify your app icons iOS 14? In this case, choose Aesthetic Kit!

Shortcuts application

How to edit app icons iOS 14 with Aesthetic Kit?

While waiting for an official solution designed by Apple, it is possible to do without the Shortcuts app. For this, it is necessary to generate a configuration profile. This solution is more difficult to implement, but it is more satisfying once it is done. To simplify the creation of your app icons iOS 14, it is possible to use the Aesthetic kit application. This tool, only available on iPhone, allows you to customize the app icons of your iPhone iOS 14. These icons will open the apps of your choice directly, without going through an intermediary (the ShortCuts app), which is undeniably very practical.

Custom and drawn app icons iOS 14

The aesthetic kit is an application available on iPhone iOS 14. This tool allows you to create fully personalized app icons iOS 14, to modify the current icons of different applications:

Facebook, YouTube Messages, TikTok, Instagram, or Safari. Aesthetic Kit is a free, practical tool that gives free rein to creativity and imagination!

The Aesthetic Kit themes: app icons iOS 14 and wallpaper!

You will find on Aesthetic kit many themes, including wallpaper and matching app icons iOS 14. The free application allows you to download icons one by one or as a pack. You can also only download the wallpaper or the widget of the proposed theme.

Want to change themes at any time? The free Aesthetic Kit app offers you to create and save several themes. At any time, you can return to the application and select the theme of your choice, among your various creations.

Aesthetik Kit packs

The free app Aesthetic Kit also offers some handy icon packs. Choose the pack of your choice and install it on your iPhone iOS 14, to change all of your app icons to iOS 14. Thousands of different packs are available on the Aesthetic Kit free app. In pink, white, green, pastel, dark, or bright colors, you are bound to find what you are looking for.

Aesthetic kit also offers you to modify the Widgets of your iPhone iOS 14

The application offers you a list of widgets: clock, date, personal widgets (photo, quote ...), calendars, reminders, weather forecasts, countdown, physical activity, and more. From this list, you can modify the entire appearance of your widget: style, fonts, text, and background color... Enough to create pretty creations.

Why choose Aesthetic Kit?

Thanks to the free Aesthetic Kit app, you can fully customize your home screen on iOS 14. To do this, choose one of the themes offered by the application, or create your theme with icons, widgets, and various wallpapers. Indeed, Aesthetic Kit offers you many different features. So instead of wasting hours changing your home screen with the Shortcuts app, go for a faster and more efficient solution, like Aesthetic Kit!

With Aesthetic Kit, create the iPhone interface that meets your needs and your preference. Take advantage of each pack, each icon, and change the look of your home screen whenever you want. Aesthetic Kit offers you to let your imagination run wild, so go for it now!