iOS 15 Widgets

Completely amazed by Apple’s latest version of the operating system, iOS 15? Indeed, how not to be enthusiastic about this update along with its innovative features, including incredible widgets. The term widget is a bit confusing or not really clear for you? Well, in simple words, a widget can be either an integrated program or an app, whose main function is to display information on any graphical user interface, such as an iPhone or an iPad, through the use of visual indicators or icons. As you could have noticed, on your iOS iPhone’s or iPad’s home screen, there are small windows displaying information. These windows are in fact what we call widgets.

iOS 15 Apple with upgraded widgets features

An iPhone widget is an app extension, usually already integrated and installed on your iOS iPhone. This awesome function allows you not only to customize your widgets but also to add, to position or delete them on your iPhone’s or iPad's home screen. So, instead of going through your iPhone’s setting to look for a particular app, personalize your widgets and reorganize them to keep you on top of what is essential to you. Widgets will help you to gather contents from your favorite apps. Hence, you will have the latest information in the blink of an eye all day long. A simple click will be needed on your widgets to access the apps of your choices.

As good news never come single handed, Aesthetic Kit is the best app ever compatible with Apple iOS iPhone and iPad. Let's get it downloaded.

Adding widgets on iOS 15 by Apple

You want to add a widget on your Apple iOS 15 but it seems a bit complicated to you? No worry! Adding a widget on your home screen is not rocket science. Follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold on an app for some time, drag it and drop it down on any blank space of your home screen.
  • You can also press and hold on an app, then tap on Edit Home Screen. While doing so, you will notice that all your apps and your widgets will begin to jiggle on your iPhone’s home screen. Do not panic! Tap on the sign + found on your left top corner.
  • From here, a list of available and recommended widgets will appear on your home screen. These widgets are based on Apple’s in-built applications and on your own apps.

For instance, you want to add a weather widget on your iPhone’s home screen. First way to add a widget is to press and hold on the weather widget and drag it to your home screen. The other way is to press and hold on your weather widget, tap on Edit Home Screen, a list of different types of weather widgets will be provided, tap on the selected one. It will automatically appear on your iPhone's home screen. If ever you want your weather widget to show a specific location. Then tap on it again and choose the location of your choice. With Apple iOS, you will have a complete, detailed and upgraded weather widgets with features showing current temperature and real-time weather forecasts.

Customizing widgets on Apple iOS 15 with Aesthetic Kit app

Are you looking for the perfect app to customize your apps widgets on iOS? We have great news for you. Completely compatible with Apple iOS 15, Aesthetic Kit app provides a large panel of exceptional and cool app icons, widgets as well as wallpapers that will enhance your iPhone's and your iPad's home screen. Our free app is available on the Apple Store and in a simple click, get it downloaded.

With Aesthetic Kit app, let’s have fun in customizing a stylish home screen that will reflect your personality. A kind reminder, you cannot create widgets, all you can do is customizing their looks with our amazing features like:

  • The sleep widget
  • The calendar widget
  • The time widget
  • The photo gallery widget
  • The weather widget

Open Aesthetic Kit app to discover our bunch of different themes. You will find eye-catching neon colors themes like green and pink. With these bright colors, your home screen will have a glowing effect. Among our themes, you will come across flowery and plant-covered designs, sweet and pastel colors, 3D themes, funny animated cartoons, girly illustrations and many more.

Customizing your home screen widgets is a child’s play and our app is user-friendly as well as effortless. Select the design that reflects your persona or the things you like the most. Make a tap on the chosen theme, click on the option “use”. From here, a message will appear on your iPhone’s screen guiding you on how to personalize your widget. Press and hold on the widget design and drag it to the home screen of your Apple iPhone or iPad. Well done! You did it.

Use our Aesthetic Kit app to customize your widgets for a pretty cool home screen.

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