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With iOS 14, Apple has given even more personalization possibilities to its users. Widgets are emerging and bring a little variety and originality to iPhone home screens. With iOS 14, Apple has taken good ideas from Android for its mobile operating system. Thus, among the iOS 14 news, it is now possible to add widgets on the home screen of an iPhone, right in the middle of the app icons. What are iPhone apps widgets? This is what you will learn in this article. We will also present the best app to modify and customize your home screen widgets: Aesthetic kit!

What are iOS 14 widgets?

Apple's operating system brings many improvements, such as picture-in-picture, the arrival of an app library, and the possibility of changing the default browser or email client. But what most attracted owners of Apple smartphones are the emergence of widgets. These thumbnails will be added to the home screen, and finally, allow you to customize this interface a little more. Before that, home screen customization was limited to app icons and wallpaper ...

Apple has provided a selection of native widgets via its app. It is, therefore, possible, with iOS 14, to display the weather forecast, notes, music, photos, time, and more.

How to use iOS 14 widgets?

Widgets aren't new to the iPhone. In iOS 13, and even in the previous version, you could already add widgets to the screen, which appear when you swipe the screen from left to right. At the time, these old widgets can't be elsewhere on the home screen. Nowadays, it can be done.

Widgets are not installed by default on the iPhone home screen: you have to do it by hand.

To install your first widget on your iPhone, you have to make a long press on an empty area on your home screen. The easiest way is to long-press one of the icons, to display the context menu of the associated app. Then select the Change home screen option. The icons start to move and a + button appears at the top of the screen.

Press the + button: a list of all the widgets available on your iPhone appears. Scroll down to find the widget you are interested in. Choose one of the widgets in the list, then select among the different display sizes available the one that you are interested in.

Once you've chosen the format you prefer, tap the Add Widget button. By default, the widget is added to the top of the active page of the home screen. When you just add a widget to the home screen, you will see that it is shaking. This means that you are still in edit mode. Place your finger on it, to simply move the widget. You will see that the app icons will move automatically to leave the space necessary for the widget, depending on the size you have chosen.

Smart Stack, another feature of iOS14

Smart Stack is new to iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad. It's a widget-like module, available in two sizes, that displays the most relevant information throughout the day. You can scroll from top to bottom to read the content of this widget. The Smart Stack is available in 2 sizes and provides intelligent management of widgets. You can change the order in which widgets appear, and even the widgets found in Smart Stack.

How to create iOS 14 widgets?

You cannot create a widget unless you are a developer! Widgets are extensions of the apps installed on your iPhone. In other words, to enrich your collection of widgets, you will first have to install the corresponding apps from the App Store. Each app offering a widget will automatically add it to the list of available widgets. You can see it, during the process of adding a new widget on your home screen. So do not hesitate to take a look at this list, when you have just installed a new app: a new widget may be waiting for you.

In iOS 14, Apple offers a collection of default widgets that allow you to start personalizing your iPhone. If it is not possible to design widgets yourself, there are solutions to customize widget icons. Discover Aesthetic kit, the best free app that allows you to personalize your iOS home screen!

How to add custom widgets on iOS 14?

It's easy to customize your iPhone widgets. All you need to do is download the best home screen personalization app: Aesthetic Kit! Among the apps available in the Apple Store, this tool is the most effective. Aesthetic Kit is an app that allows you to change the icon of your widgets. Choose from multiple products, the icons to match your home screen! Aesthetic Kit also offers many themes (app icons and wallpaper) and icons packs.

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